Video: “Under The Knife” Lee County Woman Says Cosmetic Surgery Boosted Self Esteem

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TUPELO, MISS. (WCBI) – Even with a sluggish economy, the demand for elective facial cosmetic surgery is on the rise.

In part two of our series, “Under the Knife”  we have the story of a Lee County woman who was upset about one aspect of her appearance and decided to do something about it.

By all accounts, Bernice and Robert Andry lead an active lifestyle.  They spend hours tending to their flowers, plants and other vegetation at their Lee County home.  They also are active with area volunteer fire departments.

But a few years ago, Bernice was sidelined with a knee injury.  She had surgery and spent some time in the hospital.

“When you go to the hospital you don’t look your best, you can’t wear makeup, have this silly hat on your head.   My husband was there with my best friend Peggy, the nurse comes in and she looks at me, looks at my husband and says, is this your mother?” Bernice said.

Bernice’s ego and self esteem were shot, so she decided it was time to take action.

“The main focus was my neck.  That was very drastic.  It was very thick and heavy looking,” she said.

Bernice researched facial cosmetic surgery.

“I asked my husband, what do you think?  And he says well if you think it will help your confidence, go ahead,” Bernice recalled.

So Bernice contacted Dr. John Griffin and scheduled a consultation.

“Mrs. Bernice is such a bubbly lady, she was very matter of fact that her neck and jowls bothered her greatly and she wanted something done about it and of course we were able to do that with a traditional face lift procedure .   We make incisions in front of the ear, behind the ear, and small incision under the chin we undermine the skin and loosen it so we can re drape.  We go into neck and remove any excess fat that is there,” Dr. Griffin said.

Surgery and recovery went without a hitch.  Then Bernice was able to show off her new look.

“Ones that noticed most are the ones I see at the gym all the time. I went up north for my granddaughters graduation, my son was there, other grandchildren, no one noticed,  I mentioned it to Dr Griffin he said I’m glad, it looks natural,” she said.

Now, Bernice has regained her confidence, and she would recommend facial cosmetic surgery to others.

“If it’s going to make you feel confident and happy, and be able to go out and feel like you can conquer the works, then I think you should do it,” she exclaimed.

Her husband Robert is pleased as well.

“Everything turned out well for her.  She is pleased and I am .  Happy wife, happy life, don’t cut that one out.” Robert said.

In part three of our series, Allie Martin shows us in a very personal way, how facial cosmetic surgery is also popular with men.


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