Video: Volunteers Pour Into Itawamba County To Help With Recovery

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ITAWAMBA, Miss. (WCBI)-Itawamba County Residents weren’t immune to the disastrous storms that tore through the state this week.

An EF- Three twister through the community.

Now, it’s time to clear out the debris.

“We were in the hallway covered up in a mattress and it came over the house and we heard the roof leave the house and it was really scary,” says Linda Posey.

Linda Posey and her family survived the tornado but now they have a large mess to clean up.

“Our hopes are that we will be able to rebuild and go on like we have been going but we won’t be able to rebuild everything,” says Posey.

Twenty-four homes were destroyed or heavily damages in the storm. Now, these people are relying on each other.

“Neighbors helping neighbors. I’ve waded mud, water, glass and debris and i’ll do it again today,” says Tammy Smith.

Some are giving their time and free labor, while others provide the basics like toothbrushes and food to help families get back on tehir feet.

“We’ve had people come from everywhere to bring’s just amazing what everybody has brought you name it they’ve brought it,” says Shae Collum.

With all the generous donations and helping hands, even those who travled to Mississippi are impressed with how the people are turning out to help.

“There were two men traveling from Florida to Minnesota who stopped through and help and when they looked around and they said, “wow, this doesn’t happen when we’re from this community really comes together and state helping one another right away but that’s the way Mississippi is the people around here their neighbors and they want to make sure everybody is take care of,” says Randy Boyd.

Many of the tornado victims say, they’re down but not out.

It’s the helping hands that are continues to give them a boost back to normalcy.

Itawamba County is taking donations at the Ratliff and Houston Community Centers.

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