Video: West Point Vicious Dog Ordinance

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WEST POINT, Miss. ((WCBI) — In response to calls of a vicious animal roaming near the vicinity of three schools, a female pitbull dog is put down by West Point Police. According to West Point investigators there was a violation of the law and there were three attempts made to subdue and capture the dog owned by a Starkville animal lover.

Starkville pet owner Sara Galinis remains upset over what she views as the negligent and unnecessary shooting of her beloved dog Honey.

“They have their back yard back, their fenced in back yard. And they are rarely outside, they go outside to do their business and come right back in at least 90 percent of the time they are here just like you see them on the couch,” said Galinis, Honey’s owner.

Honey, one of her three pets, apparently left the Westbrook Street home and was later reported missing.

“But on the 28th the next day that Wednesday is when we got the call that she had been shot by a police officer,” said Galinis.

“It’s unfortunate because they tried, they made at least three attempts to capture the dog, but the dog was too vicious. And once school got out that would have been a game changer with this vicious animal running at large,” said West Point Police Chief Tim Brinkley.

“I don’t feel like any bit of this was right. I feel that they came out and they seen it was a pitbull and were upset because they couldn’t catch her. They could not obtain her and they shot her,” said Galinis.

The pitbull breed is one of four dogs considered vicious according to the ordinance Chief Brinkley and his officers are bent on enforcing, to keep residents safe.

“They had to step up the game and they did try to catch it, so I think it was an unfortunate incident but we got to do our job,” said Chief Tim Brinkely.

“She was a family member, she wasn’t some backyard pet or watchdog or nothing. She was a family member she was my daughter. I don’t have kids these are my kids,” said Sara Galinis.

The dog Honey had been staying with her owner’s friend in West Point when she was put down.

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