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GOLDEN TRIANGLE, Miss. (WCBI)-The first woman to fly a plane solo was in 1908 ; which paved the way for women who had an interest in aviation.

“Aviation, this young modern giant, exemplifies the possible relationships of women with the creations of science.” Amelia Earhart made this statement in 1935 during time when there were very few women were seeking a career in aviation.

In celebration of Women of Aviation Worldwide Week, a free aviation event was held at the Aurora Flight Sciences at the Golden Triangle Regional Airport to honor the women of aviation in the past, present and future.

Dreams of wings is an event for females of all ages to help encourage their dreams of one day having a career in aviation.

“Well it’s not just about flying, it takes a whole community to get one of those air planes in the air from design to fabrication to testing and to flying,” says Elizabeth Poppelman.

Even though women have come a long way many people still believe aviation is dominated by males.

“It’s a man’s world, but women are actually a big part of its and they are becoming a bigger part of it and so they play important roles from engineers to air traffic controllers, to pilots to navigators and the whole design team behind building an airplane,” says Poppelman.

An Aerospace student at Mississippi State University, Margie Woodall says designing planes is not appealing to all females, but she is trying to change that.

“I’m on a design team and we are trying to get more girls involved with everything as well. Being a girl in this kind of work force is interesting so it’s a lot of fun,” says Margie Woodall.

Nicole Scharff, an air traffic controller at the Columbus Air Force says her career in aviation has had a positive impact on her life.

“When I decided to join the air force it was my first choice that I wanted to do and so from that point on it just made me, really helped me grow as an airman and as a person. So I really just found myself continually getting better and better everyday,” says Nicole Scharff.

No matter if you have a love for aviation or another career Scharff says if you go for your dreams; the outcome may surprise you.

“I think that for any female or for anybody is to push for something bigger then what you thought you could ever do,” says Scharff.

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