The Voice 2020 winner performed for a local church in Starkville

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)- The 2020 winner of The Voice Todd Tilghman made a stop in Starkville on Sunday; after traveling to several states, the singer was grateful to be back in his home state doing what he loves.

“Whenever anybody asks me how I felt about my experience on the voice-first of all it was a great experience but second of all I was just nervous the whole time and I just stayed anxious the whole time,” said Tilghman.

Tilghman performed at Starkville Church of God and was thankful for how far he’s come. Pastor Dennis Laughlin said it was a humbling moment to invite Tilghman on board for his church family and community.

“Everybody loves the bulldogs super bulldog weekend and other concerts, but to have something spiritual also on the weekend and then because of my relationship with Todd I thought I want to reach out to him and have him here because I know a lot of people would love to hear him,” said Laughlin.

Although Covid-19 impacted how people would attend, Laughlin and his team used other methods to help keep the congregation safe.

“With Coronavirus if we have a big crowd then you can be outside and people that are nervous about it don’t have to you know worry about being in close contact inside with anybody,” said Laughlin.

Though Meridian, Mississippi is home for Tilghman he said just being back in Mississippi and being around the southern hospitality was enough of a home feel for him.

“Coming back to Mississippi is always great the people it really is kind of like the hospitality state so it’s always really good to share with people from back home and also a lot of the Mississippians supported me when I was on the show and so for me I feel really grateful,” said Tilghman.

The music line-up didn’t happen overnight as Tilghman made sure to perform hits the crowd would love.

“I just dig through all my music and decide what I feel the people will know because you don’t want to sing stuff no one knows you know and I put it all together and just get it ready and just like today I just kind of run it myself you know and have a good time,” said Tilghman.

A little over 100 community and church members were in attendance; despite it not being the crowd Tilghman is used to, he says even performing to an audience of one is still a great experience.

“Aside from like the practical things like when there’s a bigger stage there’s a lot more preparation aside from that it’s a lot the same you know singing on a big stage, singing on a small stage it’s not so much different if you focus in the right way which is the people that are here,” said Tilghman.

“We just want the people of Starkville, Oktibbeha County, Mississippi State University, and the whole Golden Triangle to know that Starkville Church of God is here we’re here on this hill and we have a lot of ministries we want to love our community and love the people of our community,” said Laughlin.

Tilghman plans to visit the Starkville Church of God in the future.


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