Volunteers travel miles to help Columbus man fix his home

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – Glen Spitler needed help getting his roof repaired.

When a Columbus retiree needed help making needed repairs to his home, he wasn’t sure where to go.

And thanks to the United Way and a group of volunteers from hundreds of miles away, now his home will be a safer and healthier place to live.

“I’ve been for about almost five years with leaks off and on depends upon on how the wind is,” Spitler said. “If it’s really windy and rains it it will come in pretty good if it’s just like the last couple of days with slight rain, it doesn’t get in the house too bad but it’s been kind of a nerve-wreaking situation at times.”

Glenn Spitler is a retired U.S. veteran.

He has owned his home in East Columbus since 1954.

But in recent years, damage to the roof has been causing damage to other parts of the home.

And due to the roof’s age, his insurance wouldn’t pay for the repairs.

Now, he’s getting help with the repairs, thanks to the United Way of the Greater Golden Triangle and a dedicated group of volunteers.

“Oh gosh, it’s super grateful now,” Spitler said. “These people are something else. I’m going to feel a lot more comfortable and be able to sleep a little bit better to not worry about the rain coming in.”

The United Way was able to help Spitler thanks to the efforts of Mennonite Services.

The team traveled from Pennsylvania to help out here in Columbus.

United Way Volunteer Director Quan Walker said this sort of project is at the heart of what the United Way does.

“To actually help your neighbors to care, we do have programs well two programs. One is June day of service and the other one is in September the day to care and I just feel that we should care year round and not just in those two months.

Walker said she will continue to find more homes with health hazards to help the community.

The work the United Way does depends on volunteers.

If you are interested in volunteering with the United Way of the Greater Golden Triangle, or your local United Way, you can apply on their website.

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