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By: Salena Schaffer


Listen up “Pokemon GO” players, local animal shelters want you to know that all that walking to find or hatch Pokemon could be turned into cash for them!

Woof-Trax or “Walk For A Dog” is a fairly new app that allows people to sync their steps to cash. Once downloaded, you put in your zip code and Woof Trax will locate the nearest pet shelter or humane society near you.

Trudy Mcdanell is a local dog handler at the Lowndes County Columbus Humane Society and she says that she stumbled on the app after hearing about it from a friend.

“Somebody was telling me about this app one day that if you walk your dogs some of the proceeds would go to an animal shelter of your choice. And I looked up walking our dog and I found out that actually whenever I take any of these dogs out for a walk, not just my own personal dog but these guys that we can actually benefit from it financially.” said Mcdanell.

She says that the app is great because you don’t actually have to be walking a dog to help.

“If anybody just goes running even that they don’t even come into the humane society but they wanted to help somehow yes it is local and it does stay here local and I think it’s a great thing so mhmm.” said Mcdanell.

The simplicity of the app is just an added bonus.

“It’s very easy to download and it was free so that really sparked my interest even more so everybody can do it!” said Mcdanell.

Mcdanell is an obvious fan of the app and who wouldn’t be if a few steps could help your local four legged friends.

“I think it’s a wonderful idea, anything that can benefit the humane society here especially any animal shelter you know and if anybody can do any of that to help, financially help any of them I think it’s a great benefit so yea I think everybody should do it.”said Mcdanell.

The app generates the money from sponsors who make donations to the site. If you would like to be one of those sponsors you can visit the link below.

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