Walk/run encourages men to take charge of their health

TUPELO, Miss. (WCBI)- Men are often stubborn when it comes to taking care of their health. Saturday’s event in Tupelo was designed to encourage men to be serious about early detection and screening.

They ran or walked; this man rode his bike.

And some worked on the stationary bike. It was all part of the Men’s Health Awareness Walk/Run at Tupelo’s Robins Field sponsored by Wear it Well.

“Wear it Well is an organization that was established to enhance lives by renewing the mind body and soul of individuals facing difficulties cancer or life-altering experiences. It includes men women and children regardless of race color or creed,” Katina Davis-Holland

Davis-Holland says this event was important considering how poor health statistics are in the Magnolia State.

“Yeah compared to the national average we all know Mississippi as a whole we kind of lack in the fitness and health area. So Tupelo is lacking somewhat. Most of the contributing factor is the way we eat. We were raised to eat you know pork and all these unhealthy and greasy foods because that was what we were accustomed to from way back. But that is the most rapid one I would say the food,” said Davis-Holland.

Stationary bikes have been a popular way to stay fit for years and Vince McNairy, owner of Pedal Life Cycles, says there are advantages to riding an indoor cycle to get in shape.

“Indoor cycling it’s like an aerobic class. You’re led by an instructor which rides at the front of the class, and they give you different commands on how to ride a bike to gain maximum cardio and burn maximum calories. So on a regular bike, you’re relying on yourself and the terrain that you’re riding on to give you that burn. In our studio, we have this nob on our bike where we can engage turn up the tension, so it feels more like you’re going up a hill or up a slop or an incline which allows you to push harder and work harder and burn more calories as well,” said McNairy.

And this weekend’s event also gave participants the chance to have their vital signs checked. Registered nurse Bridget Hereford-Allen says men need to understand how important it is to monitor things like blood pressure and their prostate.

“Sometimes with the male species it is kind of hard for them to go to see their regular doctor or their regular bases, so we are going to help promote that and to let them no the benefit of early detection of medical issues,” said Hereford-Allen.

Are you saying that men are stubborn and just don’t want to go to the doctor, is that what you’re saying?

“That’s it in a nutshell,” Hereford-Allen

These men at least know their numbers.

Organizers of the event say June is the month to celebrate the men in our lives and encourage them to be responsible for their own health.

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