Warming Trend Throughout the Week Followed by Big Shift in Temperatures

COLUMBUS – SUMMARY: Skies remain clear over the weekend followed by dry conditions throughout
the rest of the week until Thursday. Temperatures slowly climb into the low 70s before dropping down
back into the 50s late in the week. A passing front on Thursday will bring the lone chance for rain.
SUNDAY: Similar conditions expected from Saturday with temperatures topping out closer to the low
60s. No rain chance is expected, and cloud cover will continue to decrease. Skies will be mostly sunny.
MONDAY: Skies will remain clear as temperatures continue to make their climb towards the 70s. Expect highs in the high 60s with lows in the mid to upper 40s. 
REST OF THE WEEK: Temperatures will gradually warm into the 70s by Wednesday before a robust cold front moves in on Thursday. Expect the primary rain chance this week to be associated with the passing of the front while the rest of the week remains mostly dry. The cold air associated with this cold front will bring lows close to the freezing point by Saturday. 
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