WCBI 20th Annual Bridal Showcase

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For most of us, a wedding is a one time occasion. Because of that thought, planning for the perfect day can be a strain mentally and physically. WCBI’s 20th Annual Bridal Showcase was in full swing today with focus on planning for that day to be effective and easy.

Ask a newly engaged couple what they want their wedding to exactly look like, and you’ll probably get a we’re still looking answer. Wedding gowns, photographers, caterers and invitations are just a few things a bride needs in order to make her big day a success. The 20th Annual Bridal Showcase featured all sorts of local vendors, and even a hip fashion show.

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Sherri Pettit a local vendor explained “Oh I enjoy this. You get to meet all kinds of people with all kinds of different needs and its just a pleasure to do this. We have bridesmaid dresses and wedding dresses and flower girl dresses and they’re looking for shoes and jewelry and everything.”

Whether you’ve been planning for months or just getting started, wedding details can get stressful. Having so much to choose from all in the same venue can make planning a breeze.

Bride to be Tiresia Hearn was glad to come to the showcase and stated, “I’m getting married on June 1st and I have been frantically searching for ideas. I’m so glad that I came. I did find some great ideas for setup for the reception and I even found some great ideas for magnets to set the date.”

Well I’ll tell you what. There’s nothing better than coming to a Bridal Showcase. You can find your dress, you can find the food, you can find a DJ and even find your photographer, all in one day.

Its through these events where local vendors can reach a wide spread audience. Even the smallest things like lip gloss can make a difference on a brides special day.

Artistry Makeup vendors said their goal was to make every bride feel like Miss America.
“We’re really excited to help the brides here in the area to help them feel like Miss America on their special day. One of the products were featuring is our light up lipgloss. It’s an exclusive and it has a mirror on the side, two LED lights on the lid. So when you put it on it lights up your lips.”

I admit, I thought the lip gloss was great. But the entire Showcase was even greater. With a packed convention center, the annual bridal showcase has proven to be a must-see event for anyone no matter what age you are. In Columbus, Maddie Kirker, WCBI news.

With 40 vendors this years show was the biggest yet.