WCBI/MSU Storm Chase Day 7 Recap

COLUMBUS, Mississippi (WCBI) – After a couple of “down” days traveling west Texas and New Mexico, we chased a supercell storm from far western into central Oklahoma Sunday.

Oun 3

Initially high-based storms formed in the Texas Panhandle after 3 PM, moving into western OK by 4-5p. A dominant supercell storm evolved between Cheyenne and Woodward, OK. The above picture shows the excellent structure of the storm with clear mid-level rotation and a pronounced updraft.

Oun 2

The storm cycled and changed structure multiple times, producing many a wall cloud and funnel along the way. The above image is a clearly-defined wall cloud, which was rotating at the time the picture was taken.

Oun 1

The above picture was probably the lowest we ever saw a funnel descend from the wall cloud. This was looking northeast from Hydro, OK, on I-40. There were reports of tornadoes with this storm, but we never saw anything as any such tornado would’ve likely been rain-wrapped from our vantage point.

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