Video: Weather Myths

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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) — Weather myths have been around since the dawn of time. People have always battled mother nature with learning her patterns and attempting to predict when a storm is coming.

Today, forecasting has become an art. Our meteorologists come into work and immediately look at the latest weather models.

Meteorologist Isaac Williams says, “Models are used to try to model the atmosphere. We still use real time date, like radar and satellite because that’s whats most important because models have errors and again, sometimes. The popular saying is we live by the models, we die by the models. Sometimes we just have to look out the window and see whats happening.”

With multiple products like the GFS, NAM, and SREF, forecast are built upon a combination of models, and as any good meteorologist knows, its best to never go with just one.

Weather is complex, but little factors may help you understand what is to come. Winds out of the south, typically indicates rain is on the way. Winds from the north, 9 times out of ten we will be dry.

But for others, mother nature seems to send them a different sort of message.

“My knee will start hurting, on my left knee. I messed it up in high school, and I guess it’s the fluid pressure change and it’ll just start hurting really bad and I can tell when a good front is coming,” says Andrew Benton.

But even after the storm, we all have our own way of gauging how badly we were affected. And after a few days, life goes back to normal.

…God willing and the creek don’t rise.


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