Webster Co. Burglary Suspects Nabbed

** Tony Mills – charged with Burglary of building other than dwelling

    Delores Snow Conley – charged with 2 counts of Burglary other than dwelling

   Rodney Smith – charged with 2 counts of Burglary other than dwelling

WEBSTER COUNTY, Miss. – (PRESS RELEASE) Webster County has been recently hit with a rash of burglaries over the last couple of months. We have recently made three arrest for burglary of an unoccupied dwelling and have warrants issued for one more. We have five more suspects that are being looked at on several more burglaries. These burglaries have ranged from home, automotive, Church, and vacant building, with a large range of items taken including guns. Sheriff Mitchell expects more arrest in the very near future on some of the other burglaries. Sheriff Mitchell also wants to stress a few points to the public.

1. Please secure your residence when you leave, and don’t announce your vacations or any other times when you would be away from your home for an extended amount of time over the internet. Many of these public web pages are abused by criminals in gaining intimate information on your life.

2. Please secure your vehicles, even when parked at your own residence. Place any items of value in the trunk or at least out of sight of would be thieves. We have noticed that many of the auto burglaries that have taken place have been opportunistic in nature. In other words if they don’t see any valuables in plain sight there is a better chance they will leave your vehicle alone.

3. Please watch out for your friends and neighbors property. If you see any suspicious activity, please call 911. You would be surprised at how many crimes are solved or prevented by a simple call of a suspicious vehicle that just did not seem right in your community.

4. If you own a firearm please log down the make, model, and serial number of the weapon and put in a safe place. This information is critical to solving the crime and getting your weapon returned to you.

If you have information on any of the burglaries in your area please call the Webster County Sheriff’s Office. Phone number is 662-258-7701.



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