Webster County Sheriffs Department add two K9’s to team


WEBSTER COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) —  The job of a deputy can be stressful, exhausting, and at times overwhelming.

But having a furry partner can help ease some of those feelings.

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“It’s awesome he’s always their man,” said Deputy Jacob Edwards. Even at work at home you know, he’s good around the kids. I have a little boy, he’s good around my little boy you know he’s always there for me.”

Edwards is in charge of two-and-half-year old Gero.

He said having him by his side is a great help.

“Counties from all over, they call us if they have an escaped convict or just someone that runs from a traffic stop,” he said. “We call the K9 and they’ll find them.”

Another addition is five-year-old Zeus.

Zeus’ parter is Brandon Chaille, who said K9’s bring a variety of helpful skills to the field.

“Having a K9 is a very powerful tool,” he said. “Various things. If we have missing children. These k9’s are trained to track down anybody that we have them look for. As elderly people who have come up missing.”

Webster County Sheriff David Gore said it all started as a fundraiser to help build a K9 unit.

Then quickly.

“We had businesses give,” said Gore. “We had corporations give. We had individuals give. They purchased everything as far as the canine program really that we have right now, the dogs and the equipment.”

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