Webster County woman feeds the community with food truck business

Food is a universal melting pot... Bringing people and recipes together in harmony. That's a Webster county woman's inspiration, as she travels to different north Mississippi cities setting up her kitchen.


WEBSTER COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – Food is a universal melting pot — bringing people and recipes together in harmony.

That’s a Webster County woman’s inspiration, as she travels to different north Mississippi cities setting up her kitchen.

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Each morning, Stephanie Logan loads her pots and pans, then buckles her seat belt.

She goes from small town to small town serving up a new way to bring people closer.

Rain or shine, you’ll find Heather Andrews right here every Tuesday.

“I love the chicken tacos. They have a faithful following for sure,” said Andrews.

Schmidt’s and Jiggles is the name of Stephanie Logan’s food trunk.

The Eupora woman goes from town to town, with her grill serving multicultural cuisines.

“When I moved here we had very few options. Our options are good just not a lot of them. I remember hearing people say all the time I wish we had something else, something new because we eat the same things all the time,” said Logan.

Logan set aside her stethoscope and career as a nurse to follow her passion in the kitchen.

“I cooked some street tacos at home one day for my husband and he said we have to get a taco truck and I was like there’s no way we can live on a taco truck. I’m a nurse, I’ve been working for a healthcare company in Starkville for 12 years that I left that do this full-time,” said Logan.

In just four months of serving on the streets, Logan has cooked in Webster, Calhoun and Oktibbeha Counties.

“I’ve got some customers that have come multiple times and are like these are the best tacos I’ve ever had in my life. We try to swap it up every week to give people a little bit of variety,” said Logan.

Food is a comfort to some. For others, it’s a necessity they can’t afford.

In her travels, Logan has learned there are hungry families in the communities she cooks in. Now, she’s doing her part to serve a little bit of happiness to the hungry.

“Just a pick me up now and then for somebody who could use it and we try to expand the mission to be able to feed families for holidays and things like that. Some people are just hitting a tough spot in their life with whatever challenges it may be. It’s all anonymous so we’re not delivering it ourselves. So many people have been willing to take the meals, deliver it to the families and it’s something we really just started this week,” said Logan.

For more information on how you can request to feed a family visit our website, click here.