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WEIR, Miss. – (WCBI) Two potential business owners of a two story building in the heart of the town of Weir are split as to how to proceed. The building is in need of major renovations before it can become profitable to anyone.

Although this two story building in the heart of the town of Weir has become weather worn and needing extensive renovation, both separate owners of the first and second floor are counting on reaping a profit from two separate ventures.

“And as I came back from Chicago I wanted to use my portion of the building to start a business. And unfortunately I can’t because when I came back the ceiling is really caving in,” said Lawrence.

The ceiling of Lawrence’s first floor portion of the building, is the floor of the second story portion owned by Bettye Taylor the other owner. Due to the lack of a meeting of the minds, renovations are at a standstill. For awhile Taylor even allowed Lawrence to use electricity for his part time Rooster In A Shac Operation adjacent to the building.

“Initially we were going to go with a thrift store then I changed my mind and wanted to open up a restaurant right here. Because I thought it was a great location for a restaurant. And thought the town needed something more to attract people into the town. And I thought this was a perfect location for it,” said Lawrence.

“I really can’t do anything until the roof is repaired, until there is some kind of resolution for us both to come together and fix it. Unfortunately we have to go through a legal matter in order for the roof to get fixed,” said Lawrence.

The matter might be in the courts, but the ball is really in the hands of the two owners. And what they do just could get the ball to rolling on there being another game on the streets of a town with not that many businesses.

“Gas station next door is closed. It just you know the bank moved, so its just a matter of us as a community coming together and bringing business back into our town, cause if we don’t we have to drive almost ten miles just to do anything,” said Lawrence.

Both property owners bought their floor of the building from two other separate private owners.

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