Outreach Event Helps People Develop Skills To Earn Competitive Jobs

LAMAR COUNTY, AL. (WCBI)- For job seekers in West Alabama, help is one the way.

West Alabama Works is working to connect people with businesses to help them land good paying jobs.

“We are wanting to get out into these communities and see what businesses are here and how people can find work not far away from where they live,” said Lauren Collier, West Alabama Works Outreach and Program Manager. “There’s no need to go to big cities, there are a lot of opportunities that are here and we are here to connect people with them.”

On Thursday, West Alabama Works partnered with Bevill State Community College and the Alabama Career Center System to put on an Outreach Event in Lamar County.

Representatives spent the day helping more than a dozen people find jobs, and ways to get the training and funding opportunities for the job their seeking.

“We have people come in and sign up for Career Connect, and there’s a chance for employers and for Bevill State to see the pool of applicants out there and hopefully get people connected with some high wage jobs that can help them as individuals, but also help their families,” said Collier.

While at the event, the job seekers were also introduced to a program called Ready to Work.

It’s a career pathway for those who have limited education and workforce training.

The program is designed to help people develop entry-level skills required for the business or industry they’re interested in at no cost.

“Any job that people want to go into, whatever that requires on the education side we can get them connected,” said Collier. “It takes a village really. It takes all of the nonprofits, all of the education partners, and all of the employees working together to make it happen.”

Collier said she understands how important it is for people to earn competitive jobs in today’s society.

That’s why she takes pride in helping people develop their skills and make the right connections to help them be successful.

“Even just talking with one person and pointing them in the right direction, and making sure that everybody knows the opportunities that are out there is very important,” Collier expressed.

Thursday’s event is part of a series of West Alabama Works Outreach Events.

Next week there will be two events, one in Fayette County on September 23rd, and in Pickens County on September 27th.

For more information, just visit http://westalabamaworks.com/contact/.

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