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WEST POINT, Miss. — At around 5:00am Thursday morning E911 dispatched officers to 2633 Lone Oak Drive in reference to a body found in a residence. Upon arrival at a mobile home on the outskirts of town, officers discovered the victim, 41 year old Randy Kelly, in bed with a gunshot wound to the head. Emergency Medical Personnel were called and immediately pronounced the victim dead on the scene.

An initial investigation revealed that Mr. Kelly was apparently shot while in bed sometime during the night. There were at least two adults, including the victim, and six children living in the home. But it’s not clear who was home at the time of the shooting. Since no weapon was found in the immediate vicinity of the victim the death was quickly ruled a homicide.

An adult female, whose name and relationship to the victim is not being released at this time, was at the residence when police arrived. She directed officers to the location of the body and reported that the 14 year old son of the victim was missing.

As authorities began a search for the missing teen, evidence was collected including a single shell casing in the home and a handgun outside that appeared to be the murder weapon.

At around 10:00am the missing teen was discovered at an undisclosed location. He appeared to be suffering from a self-inflicted knife wound. He was transported to the hospital by ambulance and stabilized for transport to a hospital in Jackson. According to Chief Tim Brinkley the 14 year old juvenile is the prime suspect in this homicide but his name is not being released because of his age. This case is under investigation and anyone with relevant information is asked to call Crime Stoppers or the West Point Police Department.

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  • TriQuasha

    I knew them the son use too ride the bus with me when I was in tha 11th grade..Dont seem like the type too do anything like that

  • Mack

    Free Boosie , #TFN


    SAD!!! Smh….

  • sherri

    I know devonte Kelly would not do anything like that mane st8 up!!!!!

  • sherri

    I know he did not do it and that my exboyfriend st8 up he would not do anything like that so FREE BRO!!!!!!!!!!

  • sherri

    He would not do anything like that and that my ex boyfriend so FREE BRO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sherri

    I know some info reply back to me

  • Ed

    ohhhhhhhh weeeeeee……put a shade on that…..some bright folks posting here!

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