West Point Mayor speaks on recent shootings

The mayor says he wanted to lay out the facts of the investigation and put to rest any fear that may have resulted from the shootings

WEST POINT, Miss. (WCBI) – “On Sunday morning, January, 14 at approximately 1:30 a.m., gunfire resulted in the death of two young male victims and injuries to others,” said West Point Mayor Rod Bobo.

West Point Mayor Rod Bobo said three arrests have been made in those shootings, and more were expected.

The mayor said he wanted to lay out the facts of the investigation and put to rest any fear that may have resulted from the shootings.

“Our streets are safe,” Bobo said. “This was an isolated event. There’s no fear of walking the streets or outdoor activity you are accustomed to doing.”

West Point Police Chief Avery Cook said violent crimes within the city are low and always have been.

“It shook our community,” Cook said. “To keep that from happening, we have to put measures into place to try to enforce it and try to get to these kids and let them know, that conflict resolution is not gun violence.”

This is why there’s a curfew that will be highly enforced. Sunday through Thursday, everyone 18 and under must be in by 11 p.m. On Friday and Saturday, you need to be in by midnight.

“There is generally nothing productive happening after midnight,” Bobo said.

“We have stepped up security. We’re putting more officers on the street when they’re supposed to be off the streets,” Cook said.

Clay County Sheriff Eddie Scott said this is still an active investigation, and they are working with state and federal agencies to make more arrests.

“To bring in the resources, we need to not only protect our citizens but to lock up the criminals that committing the crimes,” Scott said.

Bobo wants the community to put down the guns, and pick up the phones.

“If you saw something, say something,” Bobo said.

“If something like this happened to your loved ones, you’d want somebody to say something and step up to the plate for you,” Cook said.

Scott said they are still working with suspects who are already in jail to build a stronger case for trial.

Bobo would like to remind parents to be accountable for their children and know where they are, especially at night.

Watch Mayor Rod Bobo’s full speech: youtube.com/rod-bobo-speech

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