West Point police are looking for whoever vandalized two of the city’s monuments

Recently, two monuments in West Point have been covered in spray paint by vandals

WEST POINT, Miss. (WCBI)- West Point police are looking for a person or people that spray painted letters on a couple of the city’s monuments. One big problem police are facing though is there’s no way to detect who did it because there aren’t any cameras in the downtown area.

Recently, two monuments in West Point have been covered in spray paint by vandals. Police chief Avery Cook said he felt the people responsible for the vandalism are young and could be teenagers; he hopes others will realize the meaning behind the monuments.

“They were put there for a reason and they’re valuable and important to our city for our history. Like the monument for the dessert storm those were people that sacrificed and gave their lives for this country and then for somebody to go and do a senseless act like that it’s horrible,” said Cook

Walking along Main or Commerce Streets it’s easy to see small businesses bringing people to the area, on foot and in their car. Only one of those shops in the downtown area has a surveillance camera.

Local business owners, like Carrie Hamilton of Magnolia At the Ritz, are open minded to getting cameras set up through the heart and soul of West Point.

“I feel like West Point is a pretty say community collectively we have some pretty good citizens here but you know security is a thing that I think cameras wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing if something were to happen it would be helpful to law enforcement,” said Hamilton.

Police believe more eyes and cameras could help solve any crimes that might happen in the city.

“At the last board meeting the mayor and the board of alderman they brought up the subject of getting cameras and putting them up city wide and I think that’ll be helpful incidents like this it’ll be helpful for us as law enforcement,” said Cook.

Chief Cook said if anyone has any information on the vandalism to call the West Point Police Department or Golden triangle crime stoppers to report tips.

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