What happens after homecoming

MISSISSIPPI STATE, Miss. (WCBI)- The homecoming of a loved one is moment many families will never forget. But the real story comes after everyone’s gone their separate ways and goes home.

Kids have aged, events have been missed, and learning how to relax again takes time.

“It took some getting used; it really did too. When you’re used to living a certain lifestyle in a foreign country and then all of a sudden you come back to reality,” said Veterans Outreach Coordinator Eddie Scales.

When coming back home after a deployment, things have changed. You and your family have gone through different experiences and re-adjusting can be challenging.

“When I first deployed, my wife was five months pregnant, so when I came back, I had a five-month-old. So, you know, she had already kind of developed a bond with our son, and of course, he didn’t know who I was when I stepped off the plane and came and hugged him. And those kinds of things. It’s just a transition to kinda get used to the new normal that they developed while you were gone” said Sonny Montgomery Center for America’s Veterans Director Brian Locke.

Eddie Scales was deployed twice back in the early 2000s. He said what he needed the most was time.

“Getting back into the swing of things and getting back into the mind frame of being a civilian and not in a uniform every day. You get used to doing things a certain way in the military and especially in a combat zone. And then you come back home to essentially nothing. You don’t have those issues that you had in the combat zone. I was a little anxious. Checking my surroundings and the things that I did on a regular basis every day. I had to get used to that fact, that when I walk outside, I don’t have to worry about someone shooting at me or going on a mission or anything like that,” said Scales.

Families of the 155th might notice some changes as their loved ones come home. The best thing they can do is be patient and understanding.

“It’s going to take a little while. Everybody is so excited about coming home. Their family is so excited about them coming home. There are so many expectations, and I think, you just kind of manage those expectations, and kind of just be slow with the process. You’re kind of jumping back in and re-establish those roles don’t try to do it too quickly you know take your time enjoy your time with your family and just don’t rush it,” said Locke.

“Take it slow, take some time to relax, take some time with your family. Actually, spend some time with them and especially for the spouses or for the husband’s that were left give your soldier some time. Be aware of the fact that he may act a little strange at times again,” said Scales.

Locke said many families rely on the support of others going through the same thing.

Saturday, WCBI will talk to two of those families to share their experience after their loved one’s deployment.

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