Winona honors one of its own

WINONA, Miss. (WCBI)- Saturday, dozens of people in Winona payed their respects to a local legend.

Colonel Donald Peterson passed away over a year ago, and people are still celebrating his life and legacy.

Colonel Donald Peterson was an astronaut on the maiden voyage of the Challenger.

Saturday, his home town honors Peterson’s achievements, including Winona Mayor Jerry Flowers.

“I’m just honored. It’s amazing to me that a small town like Winona can have a gentleman by the name of Don Peterson who flew in space,” said Flowers.

Peterson and a fellow crew member conducted tests for new equipment on the space shuttle.

Sue Stidheam said Peterson was always admired for his out of this world accomplishments.

“It means that there is a town full Of people who remember such an event, and I think that says just tremendous Volumes about our community,” said Stidheam.

Peterson was a product of public schools in Winona.

Now, students in Montgomery county know his name in their history books

“They’ve had the children in grade school make different artifacts. You’ve got a deal right here with the USA Spacecraft, and both schools have done that. They have out a lot of time and heart into it, and I think that’s a tribute to learning about your history,” Flowers said.

Peterson logged 120 hours in space.

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