Winston County Sheriff prepping for busy Memorial Day weekend


WINSTON COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – Memorial Day weekend starts Friday and with the state of Mississippi easing up on some COVID-19 restrictions, more people are ready to hit the roads.

The holiday weekend is the unofficial start of summer and one of the busiest weekends of the year for travelers and law enforcement.

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Winston County Sheriff Jason Pugh will have his hands full this weekend, as this holiday weekend could be like no other due to COVID-19.

Many people who are staying close to home – are ready to venture out.

“I asked our citizens to remember to do things that are safe,” said Sheriff Pugh. “You know these numbers are still not good in the state. To try to social distance and do things that they need to do to say safe. My guys will be out in force just like they are every Memorial Day weekend nothing changes there. Deputies will be out Friday night Saturday night and Sunday night.”

With curfew in Winston County from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m., Pugh said he hoped that would help cut down on the amount of crime.

“That is for the protection of personal property,” said Sheriff Pugh. “You know we are not necessarily out trying to get a guy going to work or get the guy to have to do this, or an emergency or something like that. What we are more concerned about and have been since the beginning is people that are looking to break into businesses that are closed.”

But there’s another concern – crowds.

“I feel like there will be a lot of families congregating,” said Sheriff Pugh. “A lot of barbecue. A lot of that sort of thing. A lot of people heading to the river and places like that. Obviously you see some drinking and you know that’s a common Memorial Day weekend problem that you see some people drinking.”