Winston Debris Removal Rules

LOUISVILLE, Miss. (Press Release) – The City of Louisville and Winston County Law Enforcement are in agreement concerning the removal of debris from the road right of way. There has been some confusion concerning the right to scavenge salvageable material after it has been pushed from the owner’s property onto the R.O.W.

The following is the manner in which police and sheriff’s departments will view the issue:

  1. If debris is still on the owner’s property, removing it without permission is not legal and constitutes looting. It is best to get the owner’s permission in writing before removing anything at this point.
  2. Debris on the right of way may be removed if the property owner allows you to do so from their property. In other words – if they allow you to park in their driveway or physically on their property while removing items.
  3. You may not park on the street or right of way and remove items from the debris pile due to the traffic hazard involved.
  4. Once the contract for debris removal has been agreed upon- all debris on the right of way becomes the property of the debris removal company and cannot be removed except by that company or its subcontractors.
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