Winston Plywood Family Fun Day Company Picnic

LOUISVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – A day to relax, have fun, with no work.

That’s what the employees of Winston Plywood experienced at their Family Fun Day Company Picnic.

Employees and their families of the Winston plywood and veneer company came out for their first ever family fun day.

The company picnic offered food, games, and a lot of fun.

The picnic featured many fun events including bingo, a game show, and even a dunk booth.

The Chief Financial Officer, Patty Burkeland, said the event was created for the employees.

“We’re celebrating all our employees and the great work and the future of Winston plywood,”said Burkeland.

The picnic was planned for the same day 4 years ago that a tornado destroyed the mill and the surrounding area.

The plant manager Ken Carter said the event was scheduled for this day to remember but also to celebrate.

“The tornado and the plant have a lot of connections I would say. And it was kind of the rebuilding of the plant but also the community so we are kind of just celebrating that plus appreciating our employees today,” said Carter.

The tornado marks a big moment in the companies journey but now employees are looking towards the future.

“For us it’s more about moving forward with the mill and the great team that we have,”said Burkland.

Among those moving on is Susan Williams, an employee at Winston Plywood.

Williams said that having a day to bond with her fellow coworkers outside of the normal day is a nice change.

“The unity we have at the job. It’s just wonderful for everybody to come together outside of work and experience you know, fun, you know. Because working is really not that much fun so when you get to do a little fun outside of work it’s a good thing,” said Williams.

The day allowed for employees to see each other in a new environment and to enjoy their time together.

“It’s a fun day for the family and that’s really all it’s going to be. Nothing big but it is a big event for us,” said Williams.

The company wants to continue supporting their employees and by holding events like the company picnic they are able to bring everyone together.

Winston Plywood plans on making Family Fun Day an annual event.


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