Women-led organization hosts workshop at Yokohama

WEST POINT, Miss. (WCBI) – Yokohama is known for its tires, but today at the West Point plant the focus was on WHEELS.

Women Helping and Empowering Emerging Leaders in Supervision, or WHEELS, hosted “Pathways to Financial Wellness”, a workshop to help women take better control of their personal, family, and work-related finances.

Dr. Becky Smith, the family resources management state specialist with the Mississippi State University Extension, led the discussion on a wide variety of financial topics from credit and debt to understanding one’s relationship with money.

She said there’s more to financial well-being than just managing money.

“Today, we’re going to talk about our financial behaviors. We’re going to do a financial check-up, so they can kind of see where they are as their baseline. We’re going to talk about goals and reasonable goals, and how to set them. We’re going to talk about, not just financial budgets, but also about time budgets and energy budgets as well,” said Smith.

“Also, here at Yokohama we focus on empowering and emerging people, the individual as a whole, from a holistic approach. Because, if you inform people of different things and different ideas, then they’ll produce better quality tires,” said Tommesha Brown, Yokohama.

Human Resources Director Craig Blaylock said Yokohama makes an effort to provide opportunities for employees to improve various aspects of their work and professional lives.

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