Words from the family searching for teen missing in Louisville

LOUISVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – A Louisville Teen has been missing since Wednesday night.

Many people in the Winston County area in search of Montevious Goss, and his family along with Louisville Police are asking for the community’s help in getting answers about where he may be.

“That’s all I am asking, just please give me my son. Please give me my son. Please give me my son,” said Tamika Hull, mother of missing teen.

Tamika Hull has been searching for her 16-year-old son, Montevious Goss, since Wednesday evening.

Goss was last seen sitting on this cooler waiting for the school bus to pick him up at his house Wednesday morning.

When Tamika and her sister Kiptima Hull hadn’t seen the teenager hours after school was let out, they began to worry.

“He left going to school Wednesday morning. It’s not like him not to call me and tell me to bring his phone after school it’s not like him not to come home and not to call nobody and not to contact us. It’s not like him,” said Kiptima Hull, aunt of missing teen.

Minutes turned into hours of not seeing or hearing from Goss.

The family then found themselves at the Louisville Police Department Thursday afternoon.

Louisville Police Chief Sean Holdiness said he has received many tips from people in the community however the teen is still missing, but he and his team are still on the lookout.

“One morning at church, a woman I go to church with says ‘hey this is what I heard through the Grapevine of Ivy Apartments’ and we’ve checked over and over through there but she’s trying to be helpful. She has children and wants to help as much as possible. That’s what we need is people to be aware of their surroundings to be on the lookout for him and this community to take care of their own.”

For Tamika Hull, she has a simple message to get her son back in her arms.

“It doesn’t matter the condition. It doesn’t matter the situation. It doesn’t matter the place. I just want my son,” said Tamika Hull.

Chief Holdiness said if you have any information that could help find Goss, you’re encouraged to call the Louisville Police department. You can also
leave a TIP with Winston County Crimestoppers at (662)773-9999.

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