Video: World Changers In Columbus

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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) — Twelve thousands students have made a decision this week to help out families and improve the living conditions for the families across the United States and Canada. WCBI’s Jonathan Flippo stopped by one of the work sites this morning in Columbus to get a brief tour of what the students are doing.

“290 students, 100 volunteers. They’re all in Columbus helping families who need work done around their homes. World Changers has one simple goal and it’s a mission that’s in its name,”  said WCBI Reporter Jonathan Flippo.
Rollers, paint brushes, and buckets of paint. That’s what this group of young people is using to change the world.

“What I find special about this is you know I’ve been a person who always wanted to help people out and I feel like God has led me to be a servant to other people so I feel like this was the right opportunity to do,” said volunteer worker Jeremy Williams.

This opportunity is bringing students together.

“It’s really just the fellowship and getting to know people and just helping them and just getting to know them personally on a personal level,” said Volunteer Worker Clair Holebrook.

“It’s really a lot of fun because you get to help them and also it helps you. You think that just helping out a family would give them something that it makes them feel good, but really it makes you feel good too. You get so much from the experience. You get to know them on a personal level and you build relationships,” said Volunteer Worker Ashley Wright.

Missions and Coordinating Specialist Kaley Blankenship says this hands-on work shows how the students can fulfill the needs of families.

“We want to show people that students can get out of their comfort zone for a week and that we want to teach students to be more and think more of themselves and to realize they can use their time to serve others and to not let people pass by, but to look around them and see needs and want to fulfill those needs,” said Missions and Coordinating Specialist Kaley Blankenship.

World Changers provides the paint and the brushes. Students provide the compassion and the elbow grease.
World Changers is in it’s twenty-fifth summer of operation partnering with cities to serve their residents. For more information go to World Changers dot net dot com.


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