WPCC Animal Shelter sees increase of animals returned post-pandemic

WEST POINT, Miss. (WCBI) – Of the many areas of daily life that were affected by the COVID Pandemic, there is one that may be surprising: the pet population.

During the pandemic, tens of thousands of pets were adopted.

Since then, there’s been a double whammy. People have gone back to the office and spent less time at home, and others have been hit by rapidly rising prices in everything, including pet food.

Thousands of those pandemic pets have been returned to shelters. Add to that pandemic-paused spay and neuter programs, and shelters are filling up again.

The West Point Clay County Animal Shelter has come up with a fun way for you to help.

It’s holding a huge fundraiser, just in time for Halloween.

So, shelters and rescues around the nation have never seen anything like this in decades. So, now more than ever we need your help. We need the community’s help and support, and this is our biggest fundraiser of the year, so we need everybody to come out and help celebrate our work and help support us in saving these animals,” said Neely Bryan, West Point Clay County Animal Shelter.

The Halloween Fundraiser is Saturday night from 6 p.m. until midnight. There will be live music, food, a wine-and-beer tasting, and a silent auction.

Tickets are available at the West Point Clay County Animal Shelter.

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