W’s RN-to-BSN Program announces part-time option

COLUMBUS, Miss. (PRESS RELEASE) – Mississippi University for Women is providing working nurses with more options to advance their careers.

Beginning in the summer of 2023, The W’s RN-to-BSN program will offer a part-time option to allow nurses with an associate’s degree to receive a bachelor’s degree in five semesters through a fully-online option.

“We are excited to announce this for the working nurse,” said Dr. Maria Scott, chair of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program at The W. “The flexibility of the program allows the busiest of nurses to pursue career advancement and receive a quality nursing education from The W.”

Coordinated through the university’s Tupelo campus, the program will offer a flat-rate tuition of $10,000, which includes online course fees, capital improvement fees and eliminates out-of-state fees. The application deadline for the part-time option is April 28. The deadline for the full-time option is June 30.

“Having a part-time option available is something our students have been requesting, and we are now happy to be able to provide. This part-time option will provide our students with additional flexibility to complete their BSN degree while also maintaining their focus on a healthy work/life balance,” said Dr. Karen George, RN-to-BSN program coordinator.

The RN-to-BSN program requires 62 credit hours of prerequisite courses. Students may apply for admission with at least 50 prerequisite hours completed. To be accepted into the program, applicants must meet university admission requirements and have an unencumbered RN license in Mississippi or a multistate license from a compact state.

The W’s RN-to-BSN program has been consistently ranked as one of the top hybrid-online and campus-based classroom experiences in the nation. Intelltigent.com ranked the program No. 15 in the nation and was awarded the Best in the South by Intelligent.com. The website assessed 1,604 accredited colleges and universities and selected The W based on curriculum quality, graduation rate, reputation, and post-graduate employment.

For more information or to apply, please visit muw.edu/nursing.

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