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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – Some infants are born bald, others have thick mops of hair.

Most fall somewhere in between.

Moms are usually the first people to cut their baby’s hair, but sooner or later, it’s time to let a pro take over.

The smells of leather and witch hazel fill the air at Jordan’s Barber Shop in Columbus.

People are friendly here.

Barber and shop owner Bobby Jordan explains, ” The scenery is all part of it.”

Bobby has been cutting hair for 25 years.

He’s never met a stranger.

His comfortable confidence and conversation keep even the youngest customers in line.

Bobby explains ” I’ve had quite a few in here that like to fight. They like to holler. They scream. They cut up, but we always work with them. ”

Bobby says cutting a toddler’s hair is a great way to get a life long customer.

He remembers, ” I’ve got some I’ve cut from their first hair cut, and they are in college now.”

But how do you get a little guy to hold still and stop kicking?

Bobby has his ways.

He says, ” First of all, you gotta talk to them. Find a subject they like. We have candy that we offer them. We have toys for them to play with, but the main thing is to let them know that they are not going to get away, that they know they are going to get a haircut, and as soon as they realize that, they’ll settle down.”

We recorded a 3 year old who spent just over 20 minutes in the chair.

He made it through, even the clipper portion of the cut, without tears.

Bobby explains, “Well, I have some battery operated clippers, that I used to let them have, to let them get familiar with it, let them get comfortable with it.”

And when it was time to brush him off, mom, dad and 3 year old boy were pleased.

The little guy got a sucker and an important piece of paper.

Bobby explains, ” We have certificates for them and everything, showing that they graduated from babyhood to boyhood.”

That certificate is going in the baby book.

So if your little boy is starting to look like a little girl, barbers like Bobby Jordan are standing by, scissors in hand, ready to tighten him up.

Bobby concludes, ” They got a baby that needs a first haircut, come see us.”

It’s also a good idea to save a lock of hair from that first cut.

It can turn into something that you treasure through the years.


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