Video: Youth Kids Staying Fit In Youth Dawgs Recreation Camp

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STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) — They’re in their second year of development, achievement, wellness, growth and confidence. The young kids are also enjoy themselves this week. WCBI’s Jonathan Flippo stopped by the Sanderson Center this morning on the Mississippi State campus to see what these young kids are doing.

Staying fit and having fun. That’s what these twenty four kids are doing here at Youth Dawgs Recreation Camp. The camp is to help the kids make healthier choices in their future.

“It’s lifelong skills. We want them to take something that they’re gonna be able to learn at this and come take it throughout their years. You know we want to set ourselves apart. We want this to grow and we want them to be talking about it. We want it to be like a graduation process. We want them to take part in this come from and early age and you know stay apart of it until when they’re eleven and twelve,” said Associate Director Jason Townsend.

Starkville Academy student Mia Kate Cade says she loves sports and is now realizing the role food plays in athletics.

“I like to hear about the nutrition and things that can help me eat better because I’m not very good about that and I love playing sports,” said Youth Dawg Camper Mia Kate Cade.

And sports is what the campers have loved doing this week.

“I like just hanging with all the kids and then playing with everybody and then trying all the different sports,” said Youth Dawg Camper Mary Driskill.

“I love doing the activities, swimming, sports and stuff and I love doing that exercise stuff outside,” said Youth Dawg Camper Tristen Hodge.

The Youth Dawgs Recreation Camp will run through Friday.


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