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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)- In the sweltering summer heat, 24 children have tragically died  inside of hot cars already this year.

Shameka Washington said, “I mean, I can understand people forgetting things, but your kids? How do you just accidentally leave them in the car?”

Unfortunately, in the busy lifestyles of today’s society, a simple mistake can cost a life. On a warm, sunny day, temperatures in a car can soar to nearly 20 degrees warmer in ten minutes. In twenty minutes, the interior could heat up by 30 degrees.

Children and pets are the most common cases of being accidentally forgotten or left for a short period of time. Officials suggest leaving a purse or other item necessary to a daily routine in the backseat to serve as a reminder to always check.

Shanta Blair said, “Just take them with you. I mean, it’s better to take them in the store than to come back and something’s gone wrong.”


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