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OKTIBBEHA COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – It was an exciting night for volunteer firefighters in Okitbeeha county. They got a chance to train on several real-life scenarios using the “jaws of life.”

Firefighters typically use the “jaws of life’ to remove crash victims from wrecked vehicles. They also learned proper safety techniques in order to avoid dangers when handling equipment.

Authorities with the department say they’re happy volunteers are coming out to the courses and sacrificing their time to help those in the community. “Without the volunteer fire departments the county wouldn’t have any fire coverage it wouldn’t have any first responders as far as medical calls goes. Majority of fire fighters in the U.S. are all volunteers they’re a very important aspect and without them fire service wouldn’t be what it is today, says coordinator Chance Cummings.

Around 50 new firefighters trained for this course.

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