Video: City of Vernon Faces a $1 Million Dollar Lawsuit

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  1. Dwight Hayes says:

    let’s see:
    Negligent supervision for Ted Nichols, the mayor and city councilmen at the time of this offense. I believe that’s known as “respondeat superior”

    Criminal and civil prosecution against Brandon Stephens – he should get prison time for falsifying a police report leading to a false felony prosecution of an innocent man.

    With deep pockets theory in full speed ahead, the City of Vernon should quickly try to reach an agreement to keep this from going to federal court for civil rights violation under 42 US Code Section 1983 or else face punitive damages as well as compensatory damages for the loss of income and reputation that Mr. Carr suffered from the illegal arrest and accusation brought against him by their employee.

    A jailhouse (inmate) lawyer would love to have something like this to file in federal court.

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