Video: Columbus Considers Gun Buy-Back Program

Steve Rogers

Assistant News Director/Assignment Editor; degree in finance and administration from Yale University; 35 years experience in journalism.

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4 Responses

  1. Misty says:

    This is dumb and stupid. My city, county, state and federal tax dollars going to something this stupid. This is B S. they need to use the money on education and security for the school. This is a dumb idea that our city leaders are taking part in and should not happen. This will be like going to Dollar Tree and buying a cheap bandaid and putting on a leg that has been cut off. I can not believe this B S. There is no thinking involved here and this will never work. How stupid can they be and to think tax payers are going to be ok with this or anything like it?

  2. JR says:

    I think it is some sillyness if the police are trying to exploit legally owned guns and thier owners? What does that say about the stupidity in the official circles around the state and country??? Pass and please don’t volunteer to use mine or anyother taxpayers money for waste and stupidity such as this. Try putting it to a good use! Like education of youth in the schools as well as in the neighborhoods so they learn at an early age to stay the straight and narow. While you are at it try educating some of the parents too!

  3. Dave says:

    Send one of them criminals to my house to see if I have guns I don’t use. What a waste of tax payer dollars as well as the chief of police time. How about I buy them for double what the police department is willing to pay then I can sell them to Gary’s..

  4. tom says:

    Don’t waste my tax money on this crap. Who has guns they dont use? And, let alone would want to sell to the city as a discounted price. All they have to do is go to Gary’s and get a premium for the thing. Geez.

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