Video: Columbus Residents React to Superintendent Liddell’s Termination

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5 Responses

  1. Martha Liddell says:

    Posted by Dr. Martha Liddell to the News Director

    Columbus Schools and I have settled any disagreement we may have had via a no falut agreement and the matter has been completely settled. I resigned as Superintendent in November 2013 and the Board of trustees accepted my resignation as indicated in a letter to me from the Board President on behalf of the school board. No laws were broken on my part or any other district employee, community member or board member I’m aware of who used Aramark catering services. The company is an independently owned and nationally recognized food service vendor/contractor who had the autonomy to provide catering services for internal adn external clients using their company’s good and employees by agreement with the former Superintendent that proceeded my tenure. If any error in invoices were made, it was made by the Aramark food service director who was not an employee of the school district. The board and I have put this matter to rest and citizens should do the same.

  2. Gregory Temple says:

    Good job ,two down one more to go,Mr.Shannon, NO DOUBT and we will have the school back on track! !!!!!!

  3. Navy Vet says:

    I want to know why WCBI felt it necessary to mention the race of the people on the board and how they voted? What difference does their race make? Unless you want to try and make it a race issue. Why do so many black people in Columbus feel the need to use the race card every time something doesn’t go the way they wanted it to? And this mentality is evident on our city counsel too. I agree with Teachers comments 100%.

  4. Kat says:

    Why is WCBI making this a race issue? This is a school issue. Mrs. Liddell broke the law and her contract and you make it look like she is the victim. The kids are the victim here not her. Who cares who voted her out. They voted her out because they have morals and our kids best intentions at heart. She should’ve been gone along time ago. She is gone, move on. Lets get someone who knows what they are doing and really cares about the kids and this school district. We don’t need anymore power hungry leaders in this community.

  5. Teacher says:

    Ridiculous! She broke the law! Why is this being made into a race thing? Yes, she was the first black female superintendent of our school district and will always have that place in history, but you don’t get extra chances and priveleges just because you were the first anything. This is not about race and it’s a cheap shot to make it so. This is about the education of our children. We need a leader who cares more about them than her personal days, private parties, and paying the school back for tax-free purchases she made through them (which she admitted to, mind you). I’ve always been a fan of WCBI, but this newscast disappoints me. You’re a reporter and news source. Tell both sides of the story. Don’t skew it.

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