Video: Columbus to Better Define Weapons Ban

Steve Rogers

Assistant News Director/Assignment Editor; degree in finance and administration from Yale University; 35 years experience in journalism.

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3 Responses

  1. Jason says:

    Columbus better be careful jumping on the anti gun bandwagon! We are in rural Mississippi not California. If they are worried about people carrying open they need to make the rule no open carry, not take rights away from us who have legally obtained a concealed carry permit. To say no guns will also take away the rights to carry of someone who even obtains an enhanced concealed carry. This is another gun grab from people (politicians) who do not understand the constitution and are scared of guns because they have been brain washed by the liberal media. It goes back to the same old issue: criminals will have guns because they do not obey the law and the legal citizens will not be able to protect themselves. Why is it that politicians can’t (won’t) see this? Maybe its not about real concern for the citizens but about power and control. Even though Columbus politicians will not directly benefit from this gun control they can be on the right political side and show liberals in the country that they can gun grab even here in Mississippi. This is another sign of the culture change in Columbus and how it is negatively going to impact the community. It is hard to imagine that a town the size of Columbus could become a ghost town of what it once was but you can just look at Detroit and see an example of what happens when liberal democrats run the tax paying demographics out and all they have left are welfare recipients, this is the kind of change that these laws indicate to be coming. Well one thing is for sure, Starkville will be ready to reap the benefit!

  2. Krestan Wyckoff says:

    Really?? The only reason a Politician wants to make these places off limits are to be able to steal from the people with out recourse !!!
    In all reality , I would rather go Conceal carry rather than non-concealed … I want the edge on the criminal . I carry open around my house. because I can see an intruder coming and its more comfortable .
    But when the powers that be start stipulating when and where , its not a free people any more …
    Why if I might ask, would any one who is a law abiding public servant be afraid of Law Abiding citizens carrying a weapon ????
    Another thing, (machine gun or any fully automatic firearm) No one ever walks around with a machine gun or a fully automatic firearm !!! Hell I bet this town does not even have 3 maybe 4 people who own automatic firearms !! I am a collector of old Mil Surp firearms … and I only know one person who owns a automatic firearm !!! Thats one person and Im in my late 40s …that is one person in my whole life that actually owns an automatic firearm!! So why have that even mentioned ??? Oh Well , its just a baby step to take all our other rights away and mislead the people !!

    • Daniel Teague says:

      What is crazy about this whole ordeal is the fact that this is NOT a new law as always reported. HB2 only clarified the fact Ms is and always has been a open carry state and defined concealed or partially concealed… However you are correct if this is allowed it is yet another step/move violating you constitutional rights… Better get together and let them hear your voices!

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