Former Water Valley Officer Prison Bound

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2 Responses

  1. Ed says:

    And then they wonder why the public has no respect for law enforcement. You see it everyday….people in cops uniforms that you know are sorry as all get out, but still they hire them. Then watch them, they don’t pay bills, they write bad checks, they cant up hold the laws they are paid to enforce……think I’m joking, watch the next time you see one on the highway….he can’t even obey the simple speed limit…..pass you on a double line.

    One that I know for a fact, rent to one……your chance of getting your rent on time is about like winning the lottrey.

    They should be held to a high standard but they are not…….

  2. Charles McFall says:

    That’s the reason decent people can’t have a place to live, they don’t do anything to this garbage when they catch them. He’ll be out in three months and a cop again, selling dope!!! That’s all we have in Calhoun County, they don’t even bother catching each other.

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