Video: Hamilton Woman Charged with Animal Cruelty

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3 Responses

  1. megin says:

    Don’t always believe everything you hear because one this isn’t the full truth I know this woman personally and she loved animals she wasn’t this bad person like the news and everyone is making her out to be and it wasn’t that many animals either so next time maybe you always believe everything you hear you would hate it if it was soneone you knew and they didn’t tell the full truth I mean I’m just saying….

    • Rox says:

      Thank you cause the same thing happened to us June 24 and it was all lies also. They also added animals to us. Tell your friend I am sorry she was railroaded :(

  2. CD Shaw says:

    She should have received a jail sentence of at least a year to five. That is crazy to let her off with fines she can never pay and how can she make restitution to those poor animals. I say she got away with it.

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