Karl Gibbs is Headed to Runoff in District 36

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  1. Katherine Hardy says:

    I read the bios of each one and the only logically winner should have been Rev Eddie Longstreet. But, common sense and logic just went out the window on this one!!!! We need someone who can speak to the issue of jobs for clay county!!!! Their is NO growth taking place in the city of West Point!!! You can’ buy a decent meal/buy a pair of shoes/ or even attend a movie in this town!!! The 2 decent hotels their cost an arm/leg/kidney to stay a night at either places!!!! Let’s STOP voting for folks cause their MOMMA/DADDY/UNCLE etc,once was an elected official!!! If you have been a canidate for just about every election held, except “DOG CATCHER, then maybe politics is NOT for you!!!! HELLO!!!! Last and certainly not least, Why would you put your name in the hat when you know you don’t have a chance of winning??? DAH!!!! Let’s come together people!!!!! Then We can see West Point grow!!!

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