Lawsuit Looms In Shannon Bar Debate

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  1. jessica waters says:

    Oharas is the one place we the lgbt members can go and be ourself and not be judged. You have all these straight bars so why cant we have one gay bar? Our gay bar never hurt shannon before so why deny us the right to have a place we can actually be comfortable and enjoy ourselfs abd others like us? I dont get it! How would you feel if we took all the straight bars and banned them? Yiu wouldnt like it one bit. So why deny us our one place we can be free and be ourselves? Don’t deny us just because it goes against your religion or against everything you think you stand for!!! We have as much right as yall. We deserve to be equal. We dont get to get married, draw check off our loved one, dont get to file taxes with our loved one, and don’t get insurance through our loved one, so why deny us one right that we deserve. Yall wonder why the world is so messed up well guess what look at what yall are teaching. Hate, descrimination, and also show that its ok to be a freakng stupid bully!!!!! So give us one dang right….

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