Video: Man Shot At Columbus Store

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2 Responses

  1. Bubba Gump says:

    He was shot because the “child” who shot him didn’t have the nerve, or other manly parts, to face the person he was having a beef with, so he drove by the store and sprayed the building hoping this would impress his victim. All he really did was shoot an innocent person.

  2. GirlTalk says:

    This is just terrible. I live right down the street from this store and go there everyday. The store owner is such a kind man, who I often see disrespected. However, he remains calm and smiling every day I see him. Also, the victim who was shot has always been polite every time I have seen him up there. I have never seen him hang around the “troubled”
    Crowd. I just can’t believe he would be mixed up in anything bad, so this shooting seems absolutely senseless.. Not that any shooting is, but I can’t think of one motive their would be to harm this man.

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