Video: Mississippi Man Has Knack for Numbers, Birthdays

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  1. Stephen P Griswold says:

    David and I were partners in Prison ministry for several years. He has a great talent. I decided to stump him one night and asked him for the day of the week of the first Columbus Day in 1492. He had smoke coming out of his ears but he nailed the answer after a few minutes. Remember, he had to convert to the Julian Calendar and account for adjustments to it over time. He is a great Christian Brother and a hoot to know. I am privileged to have him as a friend.

  2. J David Dabney says:

    Thank you Charles for your kind comment. I started attending Cornerstone Sun 2-25-90 & Jennifer & I married on Sat 6-16-90. I continue to tell people all the time about their inspection stickers & tags. I even saw one recently with July 2012 on the tag, but I was inside a restaurant & they were in the drive-thru so I couldn’t tell them! Bless you Charles & your precious family, Birthdaydave & Jennifer 17:28 CST

  3. Charles Berch says:

    We have known David and his wife since the ’80’s. He not only kept us all reminded of our birthdays–He would check the stickers and car tags on the church parking lot and warn us about expiration dates. He is gifted and uses his gifts for God’s Glory.

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