Monroe County Shooting

Paulo Salazar

Paulo Salazar

Paulo comes to us from San Antonio, Texas. He graduated from Mississippi State University in 2007 and loves his MSU Bulldogs. Paulo has been with WCBI News over four years and curerently serves as the Weekend Anchor and weekly reporter. To contact him feel free to email him at or follow him on twitter @paulosalazar34.

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3 Responses

  1. Misty Toler says:

    I agree. She has a great family. Hannah has always been nice to me and I pray she gets the help she needs. Negative comments hurt the family and they dont deserve it. #prayingforhannahblair

  2. crishabee says:

    Hannah is a lovely sweet girl. Some people just go thru a rough patch in life and just needs someone there for her to get her back on the right track. She has a wonderful family that loves her but sometimes that’s just not enough. She doesn’t need the negativity she needs encouragement and support. Don’t turn your back on the weak let then know that you have a strong back that they can lean on in their time of need.

  3. brizzle says:

    Wow I went to school with her she had always been a bully but wow

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