Motorcycle Rider Taken To Hospital

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  1. Blake says:

    They have this box down here for comments yet I never see comments under a story? Hard to believe that no one has anything to say about some of the stories on here? What is more likely is that WCBI is playing big brother and censoring comments to the point that none get posted. Are you guys afraid you will offend someone? WCBI is not the ones standing behind the statement nor are you the ones that write the comments? I just don’t understand why you have a section for comments if you never actually allow them to go thru?

    Don’t use the excuse that no one comments either! I have commented on several stories and those comments never saw the light of day! Hopefully everyone will keep this man in their prayers and may he make a full recovery, As for WCBI, I am very disappointed in you! As I am sure many others are.

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