New Law Requires Cord Blood From Some Teen Moms

Steve Rogers

Assistant News Director/Assignment Editor; degree in finance and administration from Yale University; 35 years experience in journalism.

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  1. Rachel Hodges says:

    I think this is a great idea. Young boys & girls in this generation are getting more & more promiscuous. The statistics in this article prove that. My reply to the question of who should be the responsible party for the bill from the cord blood samples is as follows:
    1. Now that Obama Care is coming into affect, insurances should adopt a provision to handle this. If that doesn’t work then I believe as follows:

    2. The two parties involved for creating the child. If the father is unknown then she would be primary payee until a father is proven. I understand the fact that she may not be able to work. However, she can do community service. Which may just change her outlook on the rest of her life for her newborn child’s sake.

    3. The parents of the responsible parties should be co-signers. They should be made to sign contracts pledging their commitment to ensure their children commit to their penalty (community service etc.).

    4. Upon turning 16 or graduation of high school the responsible parties should be made to pay the medical bills back to the insurance carrier who stepped up & paid the fee.

    I know parenting is hard. I have 5, 4 girls & 1 son. My 2 oldest are about to enter college & I thank God that they made it through high school without these type of problems. It’s not a factor of wealth nor race-it happens to a lot of good people.

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