Video: Officer Accused of Lying In Police Report

Paulo Salazar

Paulo Salazar

Paulo comes to us from San Antonio, Texas. He graduated from Mississippi State University in 2007 and loves his MSU Bulldogs. Paulo has been with WCBI News over four years and curerently serves as the Weekend Anchor and weekly reporter. To contact him feel free to email him at or follow him on twitter @paulosalazar34.

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3 Responses

  1. Patricia Davis says:

    Yeah , ask Redus who he was having an affair with, which was a girl from Caladonia Ms. the reason Mr. Carr and Redus’s wife got together, she wanted Mr. Carr to find out who Redus was having an affair with. And we do have a Court system with a 12 man jury that proved Mr. Carr was not guily.

  2. truthsetfree says:

    Wonder why they don’t ask Mr. Carr why this other man was after him? There is alot more to this story than what is told. Maybe the cop made a mistake, thats why we have a court system to look into what the truth is.

    • justiceneedstobserved says:

      obviously a fan of Officier stephens. Mr. Carr had an affair with his wife. so?? and Redus had being having affair as well. so??? does this justify a Police Officier to give a false report to send a man to prison for 10 yrs? Who else has been falsely accused? Y does a lil officier wi a badge think he is God???

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