Shannon Bar Center Of Debate

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4 Responses

  1. Ed says:

    I support the aldermen, I don’t want a gay (queer) bar in or around me. Period. If the locals don’t want you, I support that.
    I don’t support gays, gay rights, same sex marriage or anything UN-Natural !!!!!!!

  2. Angela Johnson says:

    I just wish others would let people be who they are. It is not for us to judge anyone, and if they have the finances and are respectful to the community, why not? Come on folks, it’s 2013!!!! Equal Opportunity for EVERYONE!!!!

  3. PJ Newton Oharas Owner says:

    Feel free to contact me in support .
    Attorneys welcome to respond.

  4. Russell says:

    There has been a gay bar in Shanon before, which was there for many years. Are the alderman there wanting to take Mississippi back several decades?? Let’s be real ok folks. Gay people are our family members, co-workers, etc. Allow the bar!!!!! HATE HAS NEVER BEEN A FAMILY VALUE.

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