Video: Rural Mail Carrier is Shot

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6 Responses

  1. Jacob says:

    Oppressed people??? What does this have to do with a robbery?

  2. concerned says:

    Deverious is a dumb*ss – shooting someone because a system “kept them down ” is a joke. How about these folks need a J-O-B rather than attacking someone doing theirs?

  3. devarious Johnson says:

    Just another example of how an opressed people have to lash out agianst the system that has kept them down for 300 years.

    • Nick Gerteis says:

      Mr.Johnson–If you think you’re being funny–you’re not. If you’re being serious, please reconsider what you said. Do you really think it’s ever OK to purposely hurt another human being unless in self defense? Please let me know in your follow up post. Thanks.

    • Glenn Palmer says:

      So sad that anyone would use this opportunity to justify and excuse this type excused violent behavior against an innocent hard working government employee. Sounds like another poor attempt to blame working class people instead of criminals who refuse to be responsible and caring adults. Shame on anyone that doesn’t put the blame where it actually belongs, on the criminals. Everyone knows carriers are defenseless on the job by regulations and law. This makes them targets for this kind of actions. Sad state of affairs.

  4. TATA VAUGHN says:

    I’m sorry to hear this happen to Doug, I’d ran this route with Doug the last four years of my delivery career before I resigned. Get well soon.

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